Nicola Sturgeon has said she has no plans to meet Boris Johnson if he visits Scotland this week.

The First Minister has urged the Prime Minister and any visitors from elsewhere in the UK to follow Scottish Government guidance if they do travel north, during a coronavirus briefing on Wednesday.

The reported visit on Thursday would be the first made by Mr Johnson to Scotland since the general election in December.

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First Minister Nicola Sturgeon was addressing speculation about the Prime Minister's visit to Scotland after it was reported that he was set to visit in a bid to bolster the support for the Union. 

She said: "I have no plans to meet the Prime Minister tomorrow, I am always happy to meet the Prime Minister if he wants to do so. 

"I'm always happy to welcome people in Scotland and would ask anyone in Scotland, the Prime Minister included, to make sure they follow all the FACTS advice while they are here, and I am sure he will be doing that anyway.

She added: "Look we are all very focussed on the immediate priority of continuing to suppress COVID and I look forward to working with the UK Government on that basis. 

"We've got political disagreements, we've got disagreements over aspects of Scotland and the UK's future and I am sure we will continue to discuss those constructively as well."

She told the Scottish Government’s coronavirus briefing on Tuesday that 10 people in Scotland had tested positive for the virus in the past day, taking the total to 18,484.

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No deaths of people who tested positive for the virus were recorded for the sixth consecutive day, meaning the toll remains at 2,491, she added.

There were 295 people in hospital with confirmed Covid-19 in hospital, down eight in 24 hours.

Of these, three were in intensive care, down one from the previous day.