A majority of Brits say the relationship between Scotland and England is weaker than it was five years ago, according to a new poll.

A daily question asked by YouGov on Thursday found the majority of people in Britain felt the ties between the two countries had grown weaker, with less than a quarter saying it was the same as before.

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Across the UK, 59% said the relationship between Scotland and England is weaker.

In Scotland, this figure rises to 74%.

HeraldScotland: Source: YouGovSource: YouGov

The survey of 3685 UK adults was taken on the day Boris Johnson visited Scotland for the first time since the general election in December.

He visited a harbour in Orkney and RAF Lossiemouth during a whistlestop tour of northern Scotland amid rising support for independence. 

The Prime Minister suggested there are only "superficial" political and presentational differences between his approach to tackling Covid-19 and Nicola Sturgeon's. 

He insisted the whole of the UK "can bounce back stronger together".

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The PM was accused of '"crowing" about the Union by Ms Sturgeon, who said no one should be "championing and celebrating a pandemic that has taken thousands of lives".

Asked if he is politicising the crisis, Mr Johnson said: "Of course not. 

"It's very, very important to look at the way the whole of the UK can bounce back stronger together."

He later added: "It’s not a remotely political point, I just happen to think that’s the best way to do things and I think it’s a great thing for our country.

"When you strip away some of the rhetoric, beneath it the UK is dealing with the crisis in a way that is very uniform across the whole of the country and we’re going to get through it together."