NICOLA Sturgeon’s husband has been dragged into the row over the SNP allegedly cashing in on coronavirus by selling “tasteless” face masks through its official online store.

Peter Murrell, the SNP’s chief executive, has been urged to withdraw the masks from the party's fundraising website “immediately” and donate the money raised to charity.

Ms Sturgeon last week accusing Boris Johnson of tasteless “crowing” about the Union during the coronavirus crisis.

However the SNP is the only major UK party selling face masks via its official store in light of the crisis, although unofficial Labour-branded merchandise is also available from independent traders.

The SNP’s official merchandise website offers eight types of face covering, five face masks for £8 each and three kinds of “multifunctional headwear” at £14 each.

The face masks are available in a child’s size as well as an adult size.

The coverings include the SNP or Yes logo, and some use SNP tartan or Saltire designs.

The store is owned and operated under licence by the Glasgow-based Business Incentives Group, which “specialises in the sale and promotion of licensed merchandising”.

However the SNP has approved and defended their sale, saying “just like football clubs and many others, we’ve launched our own branded face coverings”. 

Scottish Tory MSP Annie Wells said the SNP was trying to profit from face coverings after the First Minister made them mandatory in shops and public transport

In her letter to Mr Murrell, who has been married to Ms Sturgeon for 10 years, Ms Wells said: “I’m sure you are aware that by selling these facemasks you stand to profit, both financially and politically, from a public health measure imposed by your own party.

“I would therefore urge you to stop this immediately, and as a gesture of good will, donate the proceeds to causes fighting coronavirus.

“Please act immediately to remove the facemasks from your website.”

Ms Wells, the deputy Scottish Tory leader, added: “It is really disappointing that the SNP is refusing to remove this unfortunate merchandise from their website.

“It seems that in their rush to make some money the SNP has forgotten that thousands of people have died from Covid, causing extreme suffering to their friends and families.

“As a result, I have written to Mr Murrell, the Chief Executive of the SNP to ask him to remove these items from the extensive merchandise that the SNP already offers.

“Any profits that have already been made should now be donated to charity.

“Profiting from a national crisis is a pretty tasteless move from the SNP.”

An SNP spokesperson said: “We would encourage everyone to help suppress the virus by following the guidance on face coverings.”