The weather has been a bit middling this week and so have my taste buds. I tried cabernet earlier in the week and unusually for me, it didn’t light my fire but then neither did merlot or zindfandel. Then, I found a sangiovese which proved to be the wine of the week and that surprise revelation made me search for more.

Sangiovese is the famous red grape of Italy, famed for its role in chianti and many a super Tuscan but it’s now found all over the world, and the one that saved my week was an Aussie.

Wherever it’s made, however, it has two distinct traits that I love. Black cherry flavours and high acidity levels. Acid isn’t just for white wines or batteries, you know, it also gives Italian reds that cracking ability to pair up with tomato and pasta-based dishes that make merlots taste all squidgy.

Personally I prefer them with a little bit of barrel aging as the young ones are often a tad too sharp for me but with age comes wisdom, as well as arthritis, so let’s just say it’s a grape for all ages so put the spag bol on.

Castello Vicchiomaggio, Ripa Delle Mandorle, Italy

A long-time favourite of mine with its warming berry aromas, ripe fruits and hints of tasty vanilla. It’s a fun wine but a wine with oodles of class.

Pop Wines, Glasgow £14

Poggio Morino Morellino di Scansano

A blend of sangiovese and sirah, this is a wonderfully exuberant wine for the price with morello cherries, vanilla and spices in a well balanced wine.

Wildflower Wines, Glasgow £10