It has been a significant month in Scotland with Jackson Carlaw quitting as leader of the Scottish Conservatives, the country relaxing some lockdown rules, the First Minister turning 50 and much more.

We take a look at some of the most popular stories on and remind you of some of the biggest and most popular stories from July 2020. 

JK Rowling 

JK Rowling made headlines this month for a series of critical tweets on the use of the phrase “people who menstruate” instead of “women”. She then expanded her position, writing: “I respect every trans person’s right to live any way that feels authentic and comfortable to them. I’d march with you if you were discriminated against on the basis of being trans. At the same time, my life has been shaped by being female. I do not believe it’s hateful to say so.”

This agenda piece on a proposed new law that could make the Harry Potter author a criminal was one of the most popular stories on the site and provoked significant debate. 

Full story - Agenda: Proposed new law could make JK Rowling a criminal


E-bike boom

An electric bike company in the Capital made headlines after they announced they would move to bigger premises as a result of a boom in sales. News of the Electric Cycle Company moving to a 4,000 square foot, carbon-neutral premises in Edinburgh after a surge in business following coronavirus was a very popular business story this month. 

Full story - Scottish e-bike firm to move to bigger premises as sales soar


Neil Oliver steps down as National Trust for Scotland president 

In the first week of July it was announced that Neil Oliver was stepping down as president of the National Trust for Scotland more than two years after nearly 200 quit the heritage group over the appointment of the broadcaster described as "divisive" and "pro-Union".

The historian, archaeologist, author and TV presenter who was appointed by the National Trust for Scotland in October, 2017 described the uncertainty caused by the prospect of a second referendum as a “cancerous presence” and describing Alex Salmond as a “round, wrecking ball of a man, shaped only to do damage”.

Full story - 'Divisive' broadcaster Neil Oliver steps down as National Trust for Scotland president

Unhelpful rhetoric towards English tourists

Another story from the business desk here as a family-run outdoor clothing retailer with stores in two of Scotland made headlines. CCW owners warned “unhelpful rhetoric” towards visitors from England would hamper the recovery from the coronavirus crisis with owner Liz Geddes saying: “Some of the rhetoric against the English does not help. Our business is built on English and European visitors coming to Scotland and we make them welcome. We would not be in business if it were not for the English visitors.”

Full story - Scots clothing retailer calls for end to ‘unhelpful rhetoric’ towards English tourists


Former SNP MSP quits to form Alliance for Independence

In mid-July, the former SNP MSP quit the party after 55 years to support a new pro-independence group for Holyrood. Dave Thompson said he hoped the Alliance for Independence would “max the Yes” and win up to 24 seats on the regional list system for a decisive Nationalist majority in 2021. 

Full story - Former SNP MSP Dave Thompson 'to quit party to form new party, Alliance for Independence'


Slanj reports ‘tsunami of sales’ after Nicola Sturgeon wears facemask 

Slanj reported a ‘tsunami’ of sales following Nicola Sturgeon wearing one of their facemasks. 20% of all the sales went to Shelter Scotland with the company reportedly raising £30,000 for the charity as they recorded 12 years’ worth of orders in a week. 

Full story - Slanj reports ‘tsunami of sales’ after Nicola Sturgeon wears their face mask


BBC Briefings

Scottish Labour demanded an urgent meeting with the head of BBC Scotland over what it calls Nicola Sturgeon’s “increasingly party political” briefings on coronavirus.

The party claimed they were "in breach of the Charter of the BBC".The Scottish Tories also accused Ms Sturgeon of using the briefings, which attract 275,000 viewers across two TV channels, to “promote SNP policy and stir up resentment against the UK Government”. 

Full story -  BBC urged to drop Sturgeon's 'politicised' Covid briefings