A Conservative councillor from Fife is facing backlash after posting a selfie outside of a gym in England.

Darren Watt, who represents Cowdenbeath, travelled to Carlisle for a weekend away and visited the Bannatyne Health Club and Spa.

However public health guidance which is designed to stop the spread of coronavirus in Scotland currently does not allow for gyms, swimming pools and leisure centres to open.

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The Tory councillor said user tweeted:

“You can take our gyms, leisure centres and health clubs but you’ll never take our freedom!”

Mr Watt added:

"You can take our gyms, leisure centres and health clubs but you'll never take our freedom!"

However, Twitter users were quick to condemn the councillor who is running for Cowdenbeath again in 2021.

Fife SNP councillor Alice McGarry branded Mr Watt an “eejit” and called on him to resign his seat.

She said: “The bairns go back to school next week but are being endangered by eejits like Tory councillor Darren Watt.

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“He thinks it’s fine to go to a high risk area in England simply to put two fingers up to the Scottish Government and he boasts about his idiocy, posting selfies and issuing press releases.

Mr Watt said the travel ban did not include Carlisle, where he went for a “much needed rest” after months of home schooling his children, on top of carrying out his councillor duties.

He said he had chosen to use the gym only because it happened to be close to his hotel.

“I have been working tirelessly from home since March and I decided to take this very rare opportunity to get away for a couple of days for much needed rest, recovery and relaxation but also to catch up on my backlog of emails and casework.

“I have been caring for and homeschooling my children on top of my duties as a local councillor.

“This has proven to be extremely challenging considering we’ve all been stuck under the one roof for some time.

“I am visiting Carlisle as it is a beautiful and welcoming part of north west England and is easily accessible with many great local amenities and attractions nearby, including a Bannatyne’s Health Club which is literally a stone’s throw from the hotel I’m staying in.”

“He risks bringing the virus back to Fife. An absolute disgrace who ought to resign now.”