Thousands of pupils found out their exam grades today as pass rates in Scotland increased year on year.

For the tirst time, exams were cancelled and the governing body had to devise an alternative method of awarding grades based on prelims and coursework assessment.

The National 5 pass rate was at 81.1% (+2.9%), the Higher pass rate was 78.9% (+0.7%) and the Advanced Higher pass rate was 84.9% (+5.5%).

Due to the Covid-19 crisis, the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) said it would “moderate” the results, based on historical performances of the school, not the pupil.

This is what students and parents had to say on Twitter:​

A lot of people weren't happy

Twitter user @isla_logan asked the First Minister:

"@NicolaSturgeon #SQAResults how can my daughter get 97% in her prelim and get awarded a B"

Kelly Wan said:

"Can’t believe I was predicted all A’s from the start of the year. Achieved all A’s in my prelims. Have well enough evidence to back it up. Was told I wouldn’t go lower than my prelim grade. But managed to only get 2 A’s out of 5. CLASSISM #SQAResults"

David Fleming stated:

"#SQAResults fantastic that the sqa just took my teachers recommendations and said ‘lol wouldn’t it be funny if we completely ignored them’"

Some joked about appealing straight away...

And one user, who changed their name to express anger at Education Secretary John Swinney, referenced the teletubbies in their tweet:

Liam Thomas referenced a classic Come Dine With Me scene as he wrote:

"You won, SQA. Enjoy my disappointment, I hope it makes you very happy. Dear lord, what a sad little life SQA. You’ve ruined my night completely. #SQAresults"

However, not all were displeased with their results.

User philisnxtonfire said:


Of course, it wouldn't be results day without a petiton to the SQA...

And let's not forget the people who didn't sign up to the text alert.

Good luck to pupils in the rest of the UK, who have all this to enjoy next week

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