Warning: This footage may be distressing to some readers

A BBC journalist has captured the horrifying moment the office she was in collapsed following an explosion in Beirut.

Maryam Toumi was conducting a live interview when the blast took place on Tuesday.

The BBC News Arabic journalist was talking to Faisal Al-Aseel, project manager at the Moroccan Agency for Sustainable Energy, when the walls behind her began to shake.

An eruption is heard, and the camera is quickly knocked to the ground as the office caves in.

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Mr Al-Aseel can be seen sitting in shock and beckoning a woman beside him to look at his screen, where the journalist can no longer be seen.

An alarm can then be heard going off before Ms Toumi lifts the camera from the floor.

Another BBC journalist said on Twitter that no colleagues were injured.

Officials are expecting the death toll, which was last reported as more than 70, to rise further as rescuers dig through the rubble.

Shocking footage of a huge mushroom cloud above the Lebanese capital were shared on social media yesterday.

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British nationals are among those caught up in the aftermath of a huge blast in Beirut, according to the Prime Minister.

Boris Johnson confirmed the news on Twitter on Tuesday, and said the government is "ready to provide support in any way we can".