Nicola Sturgeon today announced the re-imposed lockdown restrictions on Aberdeen after Covid-19 cases continued to rise.

The First Minister stated that 54 coronavirus cases can be linked to the cluster of more than 20 pubs in the city.

As of 5pm today, all pubs, bars and restaurants will be closed.

MS Sturgeon said:

"This virus hasn't gone away. If you doubted that, then today we have evidence of how true that is. It is still out there, it is still highly infectious, and it is still highly dangerous."

She sadded: "The outbreak in Aberdeen is a sharp reminder of that. It shows what can happen if we let our guard drop and it should serve as a warning to all of us."

Here's how Scotland reacted to the tough precautionary approach.

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Scottish Green's co-leader Patrick Harvie said:

"It's distressing to see restrictions reimposed in Aberdeen, but we must do what it takes to eliminate the virus. It's also a reminder for us all - if we want life to get back to normal, each of us must take responsibility & follow the public health rules to prevent new outbreaks."

SNP MP for Aberdeen South, Stephen Flynn, tweteed:

"Restrictions being put back in place in Aberdeen is what we all feared. However, they are an absolute necessity in order to protect public health. Everyone must adhere to the guidance being put in place by the First Minister today."

Twitter user dtaylor5633 wrote:

"Can't really argue against the lockdown in Aberdeen. Let it be a warning to rest of the country that if folk are just going to ignore the rules and risk lives of others for a swally then measures will be brought in to prevent them from doing so."

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Radio DJ Callum Gallacher said:

"I don’t know how anybody can be surprised that Aberdeen is back in lockdown. And to be fair to Aberdeen, it could have happened anywhere. Social distancing has well and truly gone out the window for the majority and now look. THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU DON’T LISTEN."

SNP MP Richard Thomson wrote:

"No-one wanted this, but this new outbreak must be contained and sticking to these restrictions is the only way to do it. The virus hasn’t gone away - please respect each other by respecting these restrictions. If everyone does that, they can be lifted again once safe to do so."

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MSP for Aberdeen Central, Kevin Stewart said:

"It’s difficult to hear that some elements of lockdown are to be reimposed in Aberdeen, but we must prevent further spread & break the chains of transmission of the virus. Please check for updates on the new regulations & please follow the rules. #StaySafe"

Ross Sayers wrote:

"aberdeen, aberdeen, cannae keep a quarantine"