Pubs and restaurants in Aberdeen will not open their doors on Thursday as the area marks the first day of stricter lockdown restrictions.

Nicola Sturgeon announced yesterday that the area would go under local lockdown after the number of cases linked to a coronavirus cluster in the city hit 54.

She said it should be the "biggest wake-up call since the early days of the pandemic".

Here's everything you need to know about Scotland's first local lockdown:

Why Aberdeen?

A cluster of coronavirus cases was announced by NHS Grampian on Sunday, August 2, with the health board saying 13 cases were identified and linked to the Hawthorn Bar in Holburn Street.

Cases more than doubled overnight, reaching 27 on Monday, and rose by a further five to 32 on Tuesday.

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NHS Grampian said on Tuesday that 120 close contacts had been identified and warned more may be detected.

Because of the local outbreak, some city centre bars announced plans to close to minimise the risk of spreading.

However, Ms Sturgeon announced on Wednesday that local lockdown restrictions will be reimposed on the Aberdeen City Council area after the cases linked to the cluster rose to 54.

How long will the local lockdown last?

It is not yet clear just how long it will last, but Ms Sturgeon says the situation will be reviewed in seven days. She says getting schools back, where pupils are due to return in just 11 days, is top priority.

However, this return date could be extended further if needed.

What restrictions are in place?

All pubs, bars and restaurants closed in Aberdeen from 5pm yesterday, and will not reopen today. Hotels can continue to serve food, but only to guests currently staying with them.

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Residents have been told not to travel more than five miles for leisure purposes or go into each others' houses – while other Scots should not travel to Aberdeen.

Which bars are linked to the outbreak?

The First Minister stated that 54 coronavirus cases can be linked to the cluster of more than 20 pubs in the city.

If you have been to any of these bars, but haven't been contacted, then you should book yourself in for a test if you are experiencing any symptoms of Covid-19.

Here is a full list of all 28 bars linked to the outbreak

What did Nicola Sturgeon say at the briefing?

Ms Sturgeon said: "We have been led to the conclusion that we must now take further, immediate steps, on a highly precautionary basis to prevent further spread and give the Test and Protect teams the best possible chance of successfully breaking these chains of transmission.

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“Earlier this morning I chaired a meeting of SGoRR, the Scottish Government’s resilience committee, because I wanted us to consider the latest data that we had overnight, and what our response to that should be."

She added: “NHS Grampian, Police Scotland, and the leaders and chief executive of Aberdeen City Council played a full part in that meeting and I’m very grateful to them for their constructive and very helpful contributions.

“But we are at a stage of this pandemic where extreme caution is necessary and also, in my view, sensible. I’m also mindful of the need to act quickly and decisively if we are to succeed in our aim of keeping transmission as close to elimination levels as possible and also to protect our priority - and it is our priority - of getting young people back to school.

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“So I can confirm it was agreed at SGoRR this morning, albeit extremely reluctantly, to reimpose some restrictions on the Aberdeen City area.