An Aberdeen bar has hit out at other establishments in the area after the city was put into local lockdown.

Nicola Sturgeon announced on Wednesday that the area would go under local lockdown after the number of cases linked to a coronavirus cluster in the city hit 54 - many of which were linked to bars.

The First Minister said it should be the "biggest wake-up call since the early days of the pandemic".

The official Facebook account for CASC on Stirling Street posted the statement saying some places in the city showed ‘no regard for safety’ and that they had 'f****d it for everyone'.

The CASC ask that Aberdeen City Council 'deal with bars accordingly, at least from a licensing standpoint'.

The post said:

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"We would like to take this opportunity to address the bars who f****d it for everyone.

"You, who put the shilling before the safety of customers, have ruined it for the rest of us.

"Seriously, nae cool, folks.

"Small businesses have had a terrible time during this, and the glimmer of hope that was phase three has been utterly bulldozed by you selfish, till filling narcissists who permeate this city.

"You have single-handedly put the livelihoods of hundreds of bar staff, and businesses, at further risk, at the benefit of your own pocket. "

"Well, karma can hit hard, and we pray that it is your own pockets that are hit hardest by this outcome.

"We seriously hope licensing is looking closely at this, and remembers those who remained closed, or held standards high, and those who did not.

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They added: "For our friends in the industry who put up the good fight and held standards high, we salute you.

"You took the plunge and kept the industry going.

"Your efforts will not be forgotten, at least not by us.

"But for those who scuppered it for everyone, we hope you suffer the consequences. "

"No, this is not a response to the NHS list that was released, but in relation to the photos posted all over social media of certain establishments showing no regard for safety, which has led to this point," "This message may be harsh, but harsh is what's needed now for these bars.

"The council needs to deal with them accordingly, at the very least from a licensing standpoint.

"Lockdown has been a hard time for mental health and we hope everyone continues to look after themselves, and each other.

"Stay strong and stay safe, we hope to see you soon.

"Love CASC."

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One user replied:

"Well said, couldn't agree more.

"This is why i have so little faith on the general public because it takes no time at all for fools to screw up. Give them an inch and they run a mile. Took less than two weeks for idiots and corporate greed to screw things over for everyone particularly the likes of you.

Can't wait to return to you guys as soon as its safe to do so. You have my full support in the choices you've made so far, and will have my support when you reopen.

Take care. ❤"

Another user added: "Well said. Folk are playing like it's the problem with the guidelines, we can't do x y z. But tell you what they can do is show some basic human decency and think about the concept of corporate social responsibility."

Another added:

"Good response from a responsible business owner however not all the blame lays with business owners but predominantly with all the idiots queuing outside without adhering to the rules n social distancing and wearing masks.they should be prosecuted for endangering public health and safety, all for the sake of having an alcohol fix.