The Scottish Government has announced the list of places where a face covering must be worn.

The current guidelines are that people in Scotland must wear some form of mask or covering on both public transport and in shops.

However, speaking at her daily briefing in Edinburgh, Nicola Sturgeon said:

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"At the moment, the use of face coverings is mandatory in shops and on public transport.  And we are very satisfied that the vast majority of people are complying with those requirements, and I want to thank the public for that.

"When it comes to other enclosed spaces, we currently advise people to wear face coverings.  But we have not made it mandatory.

"However, as come further out of lockdown, the risks are. More people are out and about.  More places have reopened.  And more people are gathering together.

"So as a precautionary measure, I am announcing today that we are expanding the range of indoor premises where people must wear a face covering."

These new rules will come into force on Saturday 8th August.

The new list of places where you must wear a face mask are:

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  • Aquariums
  • Banks, building societies and credit unions
  • Beauty parlours
  • Cinemas
  • Community centres
  • Crematoriums and funeral directors premises
  • Estate agents
  • Indoor zoos
  • Libraries and public reading rooms
  • Museums and galleries
  • Places of worship
  • Post offices
  • Shops
  • Storage and distribution facilities - including collection and drop off points.
  • Takeaway restaurants
  • Visitor farms
  • Any other indoor tourist, heritage or cultural site

This does not extend to hospitality premises such as sit-in cafes and restaurants