Wonder, RJ Palacio, Puffin, £6.50

What is the book about?

Wonder is the story of August Pullman, a 10-year-old boy that, because of facial anomalies that he was born with and his many surgeries, has not until the beginning of the book attended school with other children. Each main character in his life has parts of the book told from their perspective as he makes friends and deals with bullying.

Who is it aimed at?

Children between 9 and 12.

What was your favourite part?

My favourite thing about this book is how normal August is in personality, he’s presented as kind and caring to others but his character never feels like an unrealistic hero. He’s average in a way that makes it easy for younger readers to relate to him.

Least favourite part?

With quite a few characters being introduced and having their own viewpoints, it can be confusing to keep up at first.

Which character would you most like to meet?

What most caught my attention was the perspective of Julian as the school bully.

Why should someone buy this book?

Wonder comes back to me often for many reasons, but most notably its overall focus on genuine kindness and understanding and how to treat others. This is a message that resonated with me deeply the first time I read it and still does.

Gemma McLaughlin