What's the story?

An emotional reunion.

Let me guess. You finally went to the hairdresser?

Even better. Animal Park is back for a new series. The documentary-style show charts life for the menagerie at Longleat Safari Park.

After the coronavirus pandemic saw the park close its doors for one of the longest periods since 1966, Kate Humble, Ben Fogle and Scotland's very own Jean Johansson return to find out how the animals and birds have been faring.

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What's the lowdown?

Well, Preston, the overweight armadillo, has not only managed to shed some pounds (possibly the only creature in the British Isles to do so during lockdown) but also got himself the girl.

Nice work. Anything else?

New episodes will air each weekday morning with forays into the hidden world of hyenas and the dentistry secrets revealed by elephant dung (yes, really).

There is an aloof cockatoo, a portly monitor lizard in need of a lifestyle overhaul, an escaping pygmy goat, an ostrich who thinks he is a zebra and a bachelor fennec fox seeking a soulmate.

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Touching upon more poignant subject matter, two keepers share their specialist knowledge working with koalas as they lend a hand during the Australian bushfire rescue effort in a segment filmed earlier this year.

When can I watch?

Animal Park returns to BBC One, Monday, 10am.