A political row has been sparked after Scottish Conservative leader Douglas Ross missed a VJ Day service to work as a linesman at a football match.

The Moray MP served as a linesman during a Scottish Premiership match between Kilmarnock and St Johnstone and was unable to attend a constituency event to honour WW2 veterans in Forres.

VJ Day was marked with a number of commemorative events to honour those who served during the conflict which ended 75 years ago after Japan surrendered to the Allied forces in 1945.

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Many observed a two-minute silence at 11am, including the Scottish Legion Service who asked the Scottish Conservative leader to attend an event in his Forres constituency.

A spokesman for Ross told The Sunday Mail: “Douglas reflected on VJ Day privately and marked the two-minute silence at 11am.”

Ross ran the line in Kilmarnock's 2-1 win against St Johnstone. 

Labour MSP Neil Findlay told The Sunday Mail, who led with the story on their front page: “This is absolutely extraordinary.

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“Douglas Ross shows where his true priorities lie, not in paying respects to those who died for our freedom and democracy but lining his pocket running the line at a football match.

"This shows his appalling judgment and, frankly, his arrogance too.”

Scottish Green MSP Ross Greer also hit out at Ross stating that he appeared more interested in his second job saying: “Douglas Ross has shown time and again that serving his constituents will always come second to his refereeing gig.

“He missed crucial votes when he was an MSP and as an MP, including during his time in Boris Johnson’s government.

“It seems incredible that someone who clearly has so little interest in his day job would want to take on more responsibilities as party leader.

“Then again, when you look at the number of Tory MPs and MSPs raking in the cash from work outside of Parliament, you realise they’re pretty much all as bad as each other.”

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Lib Dem leader Willie Rennie added: “Douglas Ross said that his football duties would not get in the way of his political ones but it seems that he may have broken his own rules.”

An SNP source also told the Sunday Mail: “Douglas Ross’s decision to dodge the VJ Day service in his local community is an insult to the memories of all those men who laid down their lives for the freedoms he enjoys today.

“Just 10 days into his new job as Boris Johnson’s Scottish puppet, Douglas Ross has exposed his own seriously flawed judgment for all to see."

“To choose a game of football overpaying his respects to his fallen countrymen tells you everything you need to know – Douglas Ross’s top priority will always be Douglas Ross.”

Douglas Ross took over the leadership of the Scottish Tories after Jackson Carlaw resigned earlier this month. He has been an MP since 2017.

The Red Arrows marked VJ Day with a flight display across much of the country with a number of other events also paying tribute to those who served.