Another pupil has tested positive for coronavirus at a school linked to a cluster in Glasgow.

The pupil from Bannerman High School was confirmed to have Covid-19 and would have been infectious to others, the health board has said. 

The case has been linked to a cluster of Covid-19 cases in the Baillieston area and the northeast of Glasgow. 

There is currently no evidence the transmission occurred within the school and all those suffering from Covid-19 have been told to self-isolate at home.

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NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde is working to identify any other pupils and staff who may have had contact with the individual who tested positive.

A spokesman said: "As you may be aware, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde is carrying out an investigation into a cluster of cases of COVID-19 in northeast Glasgow. Several of these cases are pupils at Bannerman High School.

"Today the NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde Test and Protect service identified a further case who is connected to this cluster, and who is also a pupil at the school.

"Until now, none of the cases who are pupils have been present at the school during the period in which they may be infectious to others. However, this new case was in attendance at the school for a period of time during which they may have been infectious to others.

"NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde has immediately undertaken a careful risk assessment to identify any other pupils and staff that this individual had contact with during this time.

"These individuals are being contacted by the Test and Protect team and told to self-isolate at home. All other pupils and staff can continue to attend the school as normal.

"There is currently no evidence to suggest that there is transmission occurring within the school itself.

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"We would like to remind all pupils and their parents of the vital importance of continuing to observe the rules on social distancing and other measures to prevent infection such as regular handwashing. Individuals should stay off school or work and get tested if they experience any COVID symptoms, such a cough, fever or loss of taste or smell, even if they are mild."

Other pupils and staff are being advised to attend the school normally.