Nicola Sturgeon has stressed that next year’s Holyrood election will be the most important poll in Scotland’s history - and it sparked significant debate online.

The First Minister warned that it would be “utterly untenable and unsustainable” for the UK Government to block a second independence referendum if the SNP secures a majority, labelling the Scottish Conservatives as “utterly regressive”.

““That election will be, in my view without question, the most important in Scotland’s history."...not being funny here but hasn't she said that about at least two of the last three UK general elections (and possibly the 2015 Holyrood poll as well)”

Stephen Low, 

“Zzzz. Every single election supposedly is. When will she do something, rather than just talk or cry about a couple of footballers in a bar? Economic Armageddon beckons.”

David Forrester, 

“Do we the people of Scotland feel we can run our country better than Whitehall and Westminster currently run it? This is fundamentally what lies in front of us now. Do we want to vote for ourselves on a future within the EU, or as part of the European project? If you are sympathetic to the European vision, the SNP is the vehicle that delivers back to Scotland a choice on our relationship with the EU. Westminster and Whitehall offer no such choice to Scottish citizens.I feel that the power to choose should reside here, with us, in Scotland. This is what the 2021 Holyrood election means.”

Marc Rich, 

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“At the end of the day independence is a serious business it is not a game, and until we have politicians regardless of party who are competent and can lead with vision, motivation, respect, with a good work ethic there will be no independence, as browbeating and bullying tactics will not work.” 

Donald Paterson, 

“The SNP need a majority of the vote... a majority of the seats with less than 50% of the vote just won't do it.”

Michael McGeachy, 

“The voters of Scotland will decide on the road ahead. That is good enough for me and I will be voting to bring on an Independence referendum when I will vote Yes for an Independent Scotland.” 

Andrew McMillan, 

“Hopefully by next May, we will have a legal decision on whether a Section 30 order is legally required or not to hold a legally binding referendum” 

Bernard Kilwinning, 

“Which is why I'll be at the polling station early doors giving my vote to Ruth and Douglas”

Rory McBride, 

“So, let's get this right - amidst a global pandemic and undoubtedly the worst ever recession/depression coming across every area of the world, with a ticking health time bomb of COVID, now is the time to push for independence without knowing the currency, having a central bank, what cuts/tax increases to cover for the £12B loss in Barnett support and even a clear route back into Europe if that's what we (or even they) indeed want? And, to boot, this time next year we could easily be sitting at 15% unemployed.”

George Rankin, 

“They have no prospectus for independence so we are expected that the party who has so far failed at virtually all they have responsibility for under Devolution be given full control to lead Scotland to economic and social ruin!” 

Derek Riddick,

"It will be once in a lifetime"

Cllr Scott Arthur,

"This is confirmation that Nicola Sturgeon wants to make next year’s election a referendum on another divisive referendum. Dividing people like this is the very last thing Scotland needs and tells you everything you need to know about the SNP’s priorities"

Scotland in Union, Twitter