What's the story?

The return of Harry Hill.

Oh, goody. What's he up to?

A new six-part series Harry Hill's World Of TV will see the comedian examine the history of a different telly genre each week. First up: soaps.

Well, he does love soaps. Remember the time Harry and Heather from EastEnders ate cream cakes in the back of an Eddie Stobart lorry?

That was a sketch from the now defunct Harry Hill's TV Burp.

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Or when he refereed a fight between the "naughtiest vegetarians", Hitler versus Heather Mills?

Again, a sketch from TV Burp, a show that departed to telly heaven eight years ago.

I miss TV Burp.

You're not alone. It has left a gaping chasm. Hill has a keen eye for the ridiculous. Such as when he compared Viennetta ice creams on a factory belt to "German tanks rolling into Poland" or perfectly nailed the many faces of Louis Walsh (surprise, joy, smug, outrage, sad and Hitler).

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As for his new series?

According to the blurb, it will be revealing the clever plot devices and storylines used to keep people hooked on telly's soaps, from the debut of The Grove Family in 1954 through to Crossroads, Albion Market, Coronation Street and EastEnders.

When can I watch?

Harry Hill's World Of TV, BBC Two, Sundays, 8.30pm.