Scots believe Scottish independence will be good for the country's economy, according to a new poll.

Some 55% of voters surveyed in a new Panelbase poll said a Yes vote would be good for the economy, representing a 10% lead in confidence in the independent economy of Scotland

The poll, for Business for Scotland, also found that 70% of Scots have more confidence in the Scottish Government to manage the economy compared with Westminster.

The survey asked 1011 Scotland-based voters: How much do you agree or disagree with the following statement? “I have more confidence in the economic competence of the Scottish Government in Edinburgh than in the UK Government in Westminster.”

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Excluding don't knows, 70% had more confidence in the Scottish Government's ability to run the economy and only 30% chose Boris Johnson's UK Government.

68% of voters also agreed that Brexit will be bad for Scotland’s economy.

The poll also found that almost a third of Tory voters rejected the notion that Boris Johnson’s Brexit will be good for the economy.

Business for Scotland's CEO Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp said: “70% would trust the Scottish Government to run Scotland’s economy more than they trust Boris Johnson’s government and that is reflected in the 55% support for independence found in the same poll.

“Scotland’s economy is run by Westminster and the Conservative Government’s Brexit omni-shambles with its comparatively poor performance in handling COVID-19, including the threat to end the furlough scheme at the end of October regardless of the needs of business, is driving more and more people to believe in Scotland’s ability to manage its own economy - I am tempted to ask how anyone could possibly think it couldn't?”

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Commenting, SNP Depute Leader Keith Brown said: “This is a ringing endorsement of the SNP’s record in government, with voters choosing to put their trust in Nicola Sturgeon instead of Boris Johnson.

“It’s also more evidence, if we needed it, that we are winning the argument over Scotland’s future.

“The SNP’s vision to create a flourishing economy, and fairer society, could not be further at odds with the Brexit chaos on offer at Westminster.

“We will continue to work hard for the people of Scotland, and deliver what’s best for the country as we look to recover from this pandemic.”