Parents at Scotland's only directly government funded school have voted against a controversial “cash-for-places” deal with a property firm.

Jordanhill School, in Glasgow’s west end, had muted a proposal to parents to include Cala Homes’ new housing development in its second placing list in exchange for them building a £1.6million gym.

The plans would see an extra 400 homes added to the school’s catchment area.

Parents were asked if they were in favour of the change and 63% voted against it with 36% in favour. A total of 854 votes were cast.

Jordanhill operates two catchment lists; list 1 is formed of the addresses comprising the historic area of the school and has been frozen for many years as it is over-subscribed.

According to the school the second list takes in "new developments, adaptations or conversions within that area" over the last twenty years and is designed give priority to ‘local’ children over those who live further away.

Parents were asked if they would agree to a change to admissions regulations to incorporate all existing List 2 addresses into List 1, including the newCala Homes development.

Jordanhill School said the proposal aimed to "provide an opportunity that both addresses historical concerns with the operation of the admissions regulations whilst simultaneously improving the school’s accommodation and facilities."

Paul Thomson, Chief Executive of Jordanhill School said: "The Board of Managers will not progress the proposal and no changes will be made to the Admissions Regulations and specifically to List 1 and List 2 therein.

"The Board wishes to thank all members who have engaged with the proposal and taken the trouble to vote."

A spokesperson for CALA Homes (West) said: “We are aware of the outcome of the final ballot. We believe the proposals put forward following close consultation with Jordanhill School would have truly benefited, not only the pupils, but also the wider local area with a significant contribution towards the provision of state-of-the-art community sporting facilities, as well as forging a more inclusive admissions policy.

“Nevertheless, we remain committed to the local community and our place within it and will continue to work hard to ensure a lasting legacy of benefits that go beyond our time on site.”

Jordanhill School is the former demonstration school for the teaching college and is the only school in Scotland to be directly funded by the Scottish Government, rather than through the local authority.

Founded in 1920, the school was run by Jordanhill College of Education as its demonstration school until 1988, and was known as Jordanhill College School until that date.