IT will be interesting to see if the public of Glasgow support the new localised lockdown ("Lockdown tightened around Glasgow as virus cases surge", The Herald, September 2).

Disregarding the threatening discourse from the First Minister that preceded the decision, one is entitled to argue that the increased number of positive tests merely reflects an increase in testing and of itself does not pose a threat to the ability of the NHS to deal with virus. Admissions to hospitals and mortality rates have fallen markedly. As the primary purpose of the general lockdown was to enable the NHS to cope with the sickest infected patients, it does not seem rational to impose multiple regional lockdowns when clearly the NHS has sufficient capacity.

As the First Minister claims to be following the "science" to guide policy, can a representative of the Government explain why infectivity in UK cities has declined where the vast majority have not been infected?

Lockdowns, masks, distancing have a limited effect on the rates of infection but are causing devastating economic, social and academic disarray. It is equally arguable that our collective experience of less virulent coronavirus infections (pre Covid-19), a degree of herd immunity, and viral mutation are more significant contributors to the decline in numbers and illness.

It is Panglossian to believe we can live in a world without the Covid-19 virus. The pursuit of this ideal at the expense of destroying our financial, educational and community infrastructures lacks logic and is scientifically very questionable. It is time for an open debate and reflection on our current policy. Sometimes science gets it wrong.

Chris Greenhalgh, Bearsden.

THE diktat from the First Minister relative to Glasgow and two surrounding districts is beyond comprehension to say the least.

Basically this instruction says that if you live within these prescribed boundaries you cannot visit or receive visits from any other household but you can go to the pub or any other public venue where you will interact with others. Incredibly, Nicola Sturgeon obviously believes this will reduce Covid infections.

In the meantime countless people are dying from cancer and a host of other conditions which are being sidelined and ignored because all efforts are directed to Covid when figures show that in fact the damage being caused by this flawed emphasis is at least as great as the carnage caused by the virus.

Supporters of the First Minister and much of the press, to their shame, support the myth that she is doing a sterling job when the opposite is true.

There is no logic to this latest withdrawal of our life choices and it's time to call out this Government.

James Martin, Bearsden.

SO in some areas we are banned from visiting people in their homes but it’s fine to gather with them in pubs.

My question is: do I take my children and grandchildren to the pub where they will no doubt mix with other people; that’s question one. Question two is, have the lunatics taken over the asylum?

Michael Watson, Glasgow G73.

IN response to my recent inquiry, I was advised by my GP surgery that they have decided to opt out from undertaking flu vaccinations for their patients this year, leaving the task to the Greater Glasgow Health Board, apparently with the vaccinations to be undertaken at “hubs”, specific locations and timing to be confirmed, but allegedly starting on October 1.

Hearing this, I contacted the chief executive's office of the Greater Glasgow Health Board asking for clarification. The message I received was that the Health Board itself was unable to answer my questions as it was still awaiting direction and instruction from the Chief Medical Officer on the flu vaccination issue and up till now no direction had been forthcoming from the CMO's office.

Still looking for answers, I wrote to the Health Secretary, Jeane Freeman, to seek her clarification, as well as to ask, if what I was told is correct, how she can allow GP surgeries to essentially “self-select” not to administer important and simple procedures like flu vaccinations, therefore putting needless pressure on other parts of an already stretched and challenged health care system? As of writing I have had no response from Ms Freeman nor anyone within her office.

While Ms Sturgeon remains more preoccupied with her relentless independence monologue – but with less than a month to pass before the flu vaccination process is allegedly meant to commence, potentially saving tens of thousands of "at risk" lives – there is to my knowledge no clarification whatsoever available for patients from either one’s GP surgery, the Greater Glasgow Health Board, the Chief Medical Officer or the Cabinet Secretary responsible as to how the flu vaccination exercise will be managed.

Looks like yet another Scottish NHS fiasco under Ms Freeman's leadership, a further example of shambolic mismanagement by an incompetent SNP administration.

Paul McPhail, Glasgow G43.

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