THE proposal to withdraw and reduce funding for Glasgow Citizens |Advice bureaux must be one of the most disastrous decisions to be made by any organisation in the UK ("Outcry as Glasgow council plans to shut much-needed CABS in deprived areas", The Herald, September 2). Any financial saving will be dwarfed by the ensuing costs arising from and compounded by the misery already caused to the disadvantaged, poor and sick people in Glasgow. It is inconceivable that councillors are not aware of the wonderful work done by this organisation in the many articles printed in The Herald over the last few months. Successful appeals on Benefits claims show clearly the refusal of lawful claims being rejected the Government's benefits agency.

The Scottish Government has helped to mitigate the Westminster benefits cuts to some measure but has failed to give sufficient financial support to some of the most deprived people in the European Union in the past.

I worked for 14 years in East Dunbartonshire (reputed to be an affluent area) for this organisation as a volunteer and we were well supported by our local council and Holyrood and I was backed by staff and volunteers who were dedicated to supporting people from all walks of life, from the well-heeled to the destitute, and it was truly inspiring to be involved in this work.

This action must not be implemented and more thought must be given to this situation, as so many vulnerable people who cannot survive without help as their plight needs continuous attention before more misery is heaped on them.

Ian Turner, Bearsden.


FOLLOWING Ron Mackenna’s review of Crossbasket Castle ("Scottish standards with some fairy-dust in sumptuous surroundings", Herald Magazine, August 29), I feel compelled to contact you.

I understand that as the managing director of Inverlochy Castle Management International (ICMI) – which manages Crossbasket Castle – this letter may cause an initial eye-roll as I leap to the defence of my team. However, I owe it to them to offer a rebuttal.

I’ll begin by addressing the glaringly obvious – for a non-drinker such as Ron to attend a gin pairing menu makes as much sense as a non-meat eater choosing to review the country’s top steak restaurant.

Let’s choose to believe that Ron did, as he states, overlook the entire point of the Roux August evenings – the paired menu; although for a series of events explicitly marketed as alcohol pairing dinners to encourage people to eat out after lockdown, how this was missed when he was booking dinner to attend with a 17-year old astounds me.

I find it entirely unjust to go on to penalise the castle on something that was missed on his end. To arrive late and then refer to the front of house team member as “chuntering on about, sigh, gin” – on an evening about gin – is quite frankly farcical.

Over the coming months we will host a variety of events at Crossbasket – from gourmet dinners to yoga events. I am confident our customers will know whether they prefer venison to vinyasa and book accordingly, which is a sure way to avoid disappointment.

Norbert Lieder, Fort William.


I FOR one welcome the first same sex-couple in Strictly Come Dancing, confident as I am it will be as much a ratings success as the first female Doctor Who.

Given the over-50s demographic Strictly was always aimed at (it wasn't coincidence that it was fronted for most of its 16 years by icon of TV's "golden era", Bruce Forsyth), ratings will crash faster than a high street store's takings during the Covid-19 lockdown.

Unable to ever accept it's wrong, the ever-PC BBC will rush to compound its folly and cave into demands to make half the couples same-sex.

Before long its Borehamwood money-spinner will become a money pit as Strictly viewers turn off en masse, and its last waltz announced with excuses of "a worn-out format."

Don't say you weren't warned Auntie Beeb – go woke, go broke.

Mark Boyle, Johnstone.


I ENJOYED your report on the Top 20 film scores ("Schindler’s List named nation’s favourite film score of all time", The Herald, September 21), but what happened to Gone With The Wind?

Alastair Macpherson, Alford.