RUTH Davidson complained after being referred as ‘Baroness’ by the BBC in a broadcast.

The broadcaster’s political editor Brian Taylor made the remark when discussing the change in Scottish Conservative party leadership last month.

However, Davidson, MSP for Edinburgh Central, was said to have been “furious” by the description and ordered the BBC not to refer to her by her future title.

She is understood to have contacted the political journalist to complain about the reference.

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One party source told the Herald the title was “not the image the Tories are going for in the lead up to the elections” and added: “ As Ruth is effectively leading the Holyrood party now with Douglas [Ross] in Westminster, she does not want the fact she is going to be a member of the Lords influencing voters. It just adds to that stereotype of Conservatives that we’re trying to move away from.

“She’s clearly very sensitive about it.”

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A source close to the broadcaster said: “Davidson was furious about being called Baroness and told the BBC as much. She complained and asked not to be referred to in that way again. She hasn't been called Baroness since.”

Davidson has taken the lead at First Minister’s Questions following the resignation of former party leader Jackson Carlaw in June, and the election of MP Douglas Ross as his replacement.

The First Minister has used Ms Davidson’s recent peerage from Boris Johnson as an attack tool several times in the debating chamber.

On August 12 Ms Sturgeon said: "In just a few months, I will submit myself and my Government to the verdict of the Scottish people in an election. That is the ultimate accountability...

"As we do that, Ruth Davidson will be pulling on her ermine and going to the unelected House of Lords. I gently suggest to her that, when it comes to scrutinising and holding politicians to account, she really is not coming at that from a position of strength. It is not me who is running away from democratic accountability.”

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On September 2, Ms Sturgeon said: “Ruth Davidson... is heading to an unelected chamber, but has the brass neck to lecture the rest of us about scrutiny and accountability. No ermine robe in the world will cover up that hypocrisy.”

A source close to Ms Davidson said the MSP was simply correcting an inaccurate report, as she is not due to become a Baroness until next year.

They said: “Ruth and Brian [Taylor] are old pals and she did drop him a text, in joking way, to say ‘I’m not Baroness Davidson’. That’s as far as the complaint went between two old mates.”

A Scottish Conservatives spokesman said: “Ruth Davidson is a Member of the Scottish Parliament and the leader of the Scottish Conservative group at Holyrood. She does not hold any other titles.”

The BBC declined to comment.