Baroness Davidson is the 6th top trend in the UK following a Herald exclusive this morning reporting that Ruth Davidson complained after being referred as ‘Baroness’ by the BBC in a broadcast.

The Herald's Westminster Correspondent Hannah Rodger reported that the former Scottish Conservative leader was “furious” after being referred to as Baroness Davidson by BBC's political editor Brian Taylor, with the Edinburgh Central MSP ordering the BBC not to refer to her by her future title.

After the 2021 Scottish Parliament election, Davidson will become Baroness Davidson and enter the House of Lords.

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A source close to the broadcaster said: “Davidson was furious about being called Baroness and told the BBC as much. She complained and asked not to be referred to in that way again. She hasn't been called Baroness since.”

The title has been utilised by the likes of First Minister Nicola Sturgeon who hit back at Davidson in FMQs stating that "Ruth Davidson will be pulling on her ermine and going to the unelected House of Lords.”

Following the story, many took to social media to comment on the story, referring to Ruth Davidson by her title.

One user wrote: "It would be a shame if a #BaronessDavidson or #BaronessRuth hashtag started trending. Oh wait ... both are."

Another added: "If #BaronessRuth didn't want to be called #BaronessDavidson she shouldn't have accepted the title. She could still change her mind."

One user wrote on The Herald site: "If she does not want to be referred to as Baroness, why on earth did she accept the title?"

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Many clearly enjoyed having expense at the former Tory leader with another user on social media writing: "Looking for the headline that says...... Super Caledonia votes for Indy, Baroness goes ballistic. #baronessdavidson"

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