A row has erupted after Glasgow City Council leader Susan Aitken was pictured at a pub in the city centre with three colleagues in an apparent breach of social distancing.

The Sunday Mail exclusively ran images of Aitken with fellow SNP councillors Christina Cannon and Jen Layden, and Labour’s Aileen McKenzie.

The group were sitting at a table of four with the council leader being accused of breaching Scottish Government guidelines which state that groups meeting in bars do not have more than three different households.

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The group were also accused of not being 1m apart.

Speaking to the Sunday Mail, who led with the story on their front page, a spokesman from the SNP said no rules had been broken explaining that councillors Christina Cannon and Jen Layden had formed an “extended household”, meaning they could be classed as one household.

A spokesman told the paper: “Whilst this did not breach guidance, Susan understands it may have appeared that way and is sorry it caused concern.”

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Despite the statement, many were quick to criticise the apparent breach of social distancing guidelines.

Leader of the Scottish Conservatives group in Glasgow Thomas Kerr, said: “This is reckless behaviour.” with Lib Dem health spokesman Alex Cole-Hamilton adding: “The decision of these councillors is wrong and insensitive.”

This story was originally reported exclusively in the Sunday Mail. You can read it HERE