The owners of a privately run hospital in Glasgow have defended its Covid-19 testing facilities after they were branded 'primitive' and cross contamination concerns were raised.

A hospital source captured this image showing a woman sitting at a table outside Rosshall Hospital's 'Covid Test Centre.'

The hospital, on Crookston Road, which charges upwards of £11,000 for hip replacement surgery is owned by the BMI group.

The source said: "It's the location and the contamination of samples by being outdoors when it should be done in a controlled clinical setting.

"And also the person at the desk is not wearing a mask.

"I was quite surprised as how primitive it is - the facilities at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital are far superior. I would have expected something far better in somewhere medical."

A spokesman for BMI said outdoor testing for Covid-19 is widely used in the NHS.

He said: "In common with many NHS organisations, testing is conducted outdoors to prevent potentially infected people entering our hospital.

"The clinician pictured is following best practice by waiting until immediately prior to the patient’s arrival to don fresh PPE in order to avoid contamination.”