A retired English teacher from Glasgow has won £250,000 on the hit TV quiz show Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.

Callum Hind, who is originally from Govan, took home an incredible prize of £250,000 on tonight’s show.

After winning £32,000 on Monday night, Mr Hind, the son of Archie Hind who wrote Dear Green Place, came back to finish the TV quiz but fell short on the £500,000 question.


The question was: 'In 1930, who became the first non-American to be named Man of the Year by TIME magazine?'

A: Joseph Stalin

B: Albert Einstein

C: Mahatma Gandhi

D: Haile Selassie

Mr Hind, who was an English teacher for 37 years, was two questions away from being the sixth contestant to win £1m - and the first to do so since Ingram Wilcox won the jackpot 14 years ago.

You can watch the episode in full after 10pm on the STV Player.

*The answer was Mahatma Gandhi.