IMPORTANT UPDATE: The lockdown review has been revealed. Here are the rules set to be enforced in Scotland

The latest review of lockdown restrictions is to be formally announced today.

The First Minister will today reveal the next steps the country is taking to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

At the end of August, Nicola Sturgeon announced gyms, swimming polls and indoor sports courts in Scotland could reopen on September 14.

Restrictions on live outdoor events and diving lessons were also lifted, provided guidance was followed.

But what could change in this next Covid-19 lockdown review?

Will we enter Phase 4?

Currently, Scotland is in Phase 3 of the government's route map out of lockown. This is reviewed every three weeks.

However, it looks as though we will not be headed into the next phase any time soon.

On Monday, Ms Sturgeon said the review this week will look at whether the breaks will be put on further steps out of lockdown.

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She said: "It is worth remembering that we can only move from phase three of our route map, which is where we are right now, to phase four if, and I quote. 'the virus is no longer considered a significant threat to public health'.

"From all of the latest statistics, it is clear that will not be the case."

Reducing social gatherings

Today, we'll get the verdict on whether Scotland is to reduce the number of people who can meet in groups.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has already announced that people in England “must not meet socially in groups of more than six” from Monday - and it looks as though Scotland may follow this approach.

Speaking on Wednesday, Ms Sturgeon said: “We can’t rule out the need to make changes to the number of people allowed to gather together like those that were announced for England.

“We’re carefully reviewing existing guidance and regulation, as well as considering what new steps may be necessary to keep Covid under control.”

In Scotland the current advice is no more than eight people, from three different households can meet indoors – whereas up to 15 people from five households can meet up outside.

Could pubs close?

As parts of Scotland went into local lockdown, questions have been asked over the trading of the hospitality industry.

It was announced on Tuesday that  coronavirus cases linked to pubs in Glasgow have increased.

They say there were no major outbreaks, but the numbers of positive tests were on the up in the city's hospitality sector.

Ms Sturgeon said the sector will however remain under "close review".

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said: "Some transmission, we know, is taking place in pubs and restaurants and so we will keep that under close review. 

“We will discuss with the five local authorities what further steps we can take to ensure pubs, bars and restaurants are operating within the rules."

What about local lockdowns?

Nicola Sturgeon already gave guidance on local lockdowns on Monday. Renfrewshire and East Dunbartonshire were added to the list of areas in the West of Scotland curently undergoing stricter rules, joining the likes of Glasgow City, West DUnbartonshire and East Renfrewshire.

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It means more than one million Scots have effectively been banned from mixing in other households.

Where can I watch the review?

The review will take place at 12.15 when the First Minister updates parliament. You can watch on Scottish Parliament TV, or follow the news and reaction live on our blog.