I laugh when people say gin has had its day. Gin is one of the quintessential British drinks and, in my mind, right up there with Scotch whisky.

Personally I’m a G&T fan rather than a cocktail mixer, at the end of a long day it’s quite often gin that I turn to for help.

If I need to rejuvenate my brain, I mix it three or four to one with tonic and add a slice of lime to sharpen it up, but to wind down at the end of a day, a 50-50 mix with a lemon wedge is like having a pre-med before an operation.

Anyway, there’s another reason to take a fresh look at gin and it’s a patriotic one; Scotland is brilliant at making it!

Yep, London Gin may be the style to aim for and Plymouth Gin may be one of the oldest brands, but the artisan producers in bonny Scotland really are making some of the best in the world right now and hats off to them.

Solway Spirits Sticky Toffee Gin

Oh my this is just wonderful. I’m not really a flavoured gin person but Solway Spirits have combined two of my favourite products and it’s a stunner.

It’s infused with dates and caramel and is unlike anything else I have ever tried. Serve with a tonic and fresh strawberries if you really want to treat your taste buds.

Solway Spirits £32.95

Pickerings Gin

I’m like a kid in a sweet shop whenever I look at Pickerings fabulous range but for a cracking gin and tonic, there’s not much on the market to beat their classic gin. Aromatic and very refreshing with a hint of spice. Perfect.

Pickerings Gin £29.95