A TOP criminologist has revealed what it was like to come face to face with Scottish serial killer Dennis Nilsen.

Writing exclusively for The Herald Magazine, Professor David Wilson has detailed his meetings with Fraserburgh-born Nilsen who, between 1978 and 1983, is believed to have murdered as many 15 young men and boys in London.

He said: "Nilsen was different to the other serial killers I have met or worked with in that he talked endlessly about the murders he had committed. Most serial killers avoid discussing what they have done and, certainly in my experience, never engage in discussing why they turned to murder."

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Professor Wilson, who is a former prison governor and academic, also divulges details about the content of "at least 600 pages of A4" letters that Nilsen sent to him over the years.

Nilsen admitted killing at least 15 people but ultimately was convicted of the murders of six men and two attempted murders. He was sentenced to life imprisonment on November 4, 1983 and died in York Hospital two years ago, aged 72, after collapsing in his prison cell.

A new three-part drama, Des, which stars David Tennant as Nilsen, begins on STV this Monday.

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