GARDENING has blossomed during the pandemic as those fortunate enough to have their own outdoor spaces have retreated into them for tranquility during lockdown. Now the top 10 gardening trends set to lead the way in 2021 have been revealed.

The dominant trend?

One in eight households in the UK have no access to a private or shared garden and instead, are making the most of balcony space. Research by found that on Instagram, the most green-fingered related posts - 97,000 - were made about balcony gardening, with it regarded as the leading up-and-coming trend in the field.

Nearly as popular?

Wild gardening is rocketing in popularity, thought to be in part due to the Instagram-friendly aesthetics of an untamed wilderness for photographs. Around 92,000 posts were given the #wildgarden hashtag and the experts extol the virtues of plant vines that ramble over fences or walls and long wild grass to encourage wildlife and get the right look.

Getting a good ‘flow’?

A rising trend in urban areas is referred to as “inside/outside” gardening, where nearly 84,000 posts demonstrate the popularity of “creating flow from your inside space to your outdoor space, so one naturally flows into the other”, with the garden essentially “an extension of the home”. Good options for the right vibe are said to include geranium, boxwood and calla lily.

What are the other main trends?

“Tiny garden” is at number four, with Instagram garden influencers trying to find the best ways to make the most of small spaces by methods such as maximising vertical space with climbing plants. Raised bed gardens round off the top five, with trend followers advised to use old railway sleepers to get a really rustic look and older gardeners reminded of the “obvious benefit” of the raised height, which can avoid “aches and pains from bending down and tending to a traditional garden bed”.

Other 2021 trends?

They include “permaculture” gardening, where nothing goes to waste and the focus is on recycling, reusing and regenerating, and “white gardening”, which is again all about the social media aesthetics of only white flowers against a backdrop of dark greens. “Windowsill gardening” is also a growing trend, as a way to bring “green to city living” with a few plant pots full of flowers or herbs.

Grey gardens?

Social media influencers who don’t opt for the “white garden” trend instead go for grey, with either grey paving, fence paint, gravel and paths providing the backdrop and colour pops of flowers in purple or scarlet highlighting the contrast. With nearly 40,000 posts, “cottage gardening” is the 10th most popular Instagram green-fingered trend, with key design features including a mixture of ornamental and edible plants and an overall look focusing on “grace and charm.”

It comes as?

The International Association of Horticultural Producers’ secretary general, Tim Briercliffe, said gardening can help keep us healthy: “Many people will have so much more time for their gardens and will begin to appreciate the joy of gardening for the first time. Gardens are going to play an important role in keeping society happy and healthy.”