We all have our favourite roll fillings and it would seem Sir Billy Connolly is no different.

The Big Yin has revealed he is partial to a roll and slice - sliced sausage.

Speaking in the Great Scot podcast series led by broadcaster Janice Forsyth, Sir Billy said: "Square slice sausage in a roll is a joy and it's a food I would hold against any food in the world, against any smorgasbord or, whatever they call it.

"I get sandwiches in America that you can't get your mouth over - gigantic things, corned beef and deli sandwiches. And when you bite one end it all spews out the other end - things that are impossible to eat, like a taco. Unless you're wearing waterproofed trousers. A roll and sausage is just such a joy."

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Sir Billy also revealed his terrible moments of stage fright and the fear he couldn't think of anything funny.

He said: "I can't perform the way I used to. It doesn't roll the way it used to. It's difficult to explain - there's a process from leaving the dressing room to getting to the stage where the nerves disappear. Like, I was tortured with nervousness before a show. And one of the symptoms of it is that everything you are thinking disappears, all the funny lines that you had in mind have gone and the ideas. So you have nothing. I would phone home to my daughter, to my wife and said, I can't think of anything funny. Can you think of anything funny I've said in the last couple of days? And then my manager would come in and say, right, Billy we'd walk from the dressing room to the edge of the stage and it was wearing off during that walk. And then on the walk from the side of the stage to the microphone, it went completely. And I would change into this other guy mentally. I would be in a different mood and words would come easily and ideas come easily. And I don't know if that would come back."

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He is no stranger to being asked for a selfie when back in Glasgow, but he doesn't get the same treatment in America.

Sir Billy said: "In America they think I'm an actor. And they treat me with distance that actors get. Comedians get "hello! How are you?! Actors get "Oh, I love your work."

"There's a weird thing that happens in America. It's a very pleasant thing. You can be in a restaurant having your dinner and there's a table full of people next to you and you think everything's okay. Hunky dory, get your dinner and the family is OK, because that autograph time, you worry about your family. You've broken up the conversation. You've ended the story because you have to sign your name on a menu. Blah, blah, blah. Well, suppose this table doesn't look your way, and then you'll be talking to your wife or whoever at the end of the dinner, and this table will get up and walk to the door. And as they're going out the door, they look over towards you and give you a little salute, a nod - "I know who you are." And it's a very pleasant thing. Because what they're saying is "I know who you are and I left you alone."

Do you agree with Sir Billy? Tell us your favourite roll filling?

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