A new poll has predicted a "commanding lead" for the SNP at next year's Holyrood election and next general election.

The survey, by Survation, shows 53% of likely voters would choose the SNP candidate for their constituency, marking a two-point increase on their previous poll in January.

The Scottish Conservatives were predicted at 20% (-3) and Scottish Labour on 18% (+1).

HeraldScotland: Credit: SurvationCredit: Survation

On the question of whether Scotland should be an independent country, the poll found 53% of Scots backed the idea, with 47% voting no.

In their previous poll, both votes were 50-50.

HeraldScotland: Credit: SurvationCredit: Survation

Survation conducted the online poll of 1018 people aged 16 and over living in Scotland between September 2-7.

In a UK general election, polling indicated the SNP would win around half the vote across Scotland.

HeraldScotland: Credit: SurvationCredit: Survation

According to data, the SNP have 51% share, followed by Scottish Labour on 21%, and Scottish Conservatives on 20%.

SNP Depute Leader, Keith Brown, said: “This is yet another significant poll for the SNP and the independence movement — showing people want decisions about Scotland to be made by the people who live here, and not Boris Johnson.

“The rising and unsustainable cost to Scotland’s future of a Tory government people here didn’t vote for has never been clearer.

“Faced with the increasing threat of a hard or No-Deal Brexit, and an unprecedented power grab on the hard-won powers of the Scottish Parliament, it’s no wonder people in Scotland are demanding the right to choose a better future.

“With Westminster in chaos, and Boris Johnson in Downing Street, an independent, progressive Scotland in Europe is becoming the settled will of the people of Scotland.

“Boris Johnson’s undemocratic attempt to deny the people of Scotland the right to choose their own future is now utterly unsustainable."