More than 500,000 people have downloaded Scotland's new free contact tracing app since it went live on Thursday.

Protect Scotland is currently ranked number one in medical on the App store with a score of 4.9/5 from 121 ratings, and on the Google Play store it has received a rating of 4.7/5 from 836 reviews.

The Protect Scotland app allows people to find out if they have been in close contact with someone who later tests positive for coronavirus.

The Scottish government has said the software will support the Test and Protect system and is "another tool in the fight against Covid-19".

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Here’s what some of the reviews said:


Jayh90 wrote:

"Very clean and simple layout and easy to use. Well done Scotland getting this out the door after UK Gov messed it up”

Reviewer paultyler user wrote:

"If your (sic) reading this in Scotland, hit download. The more canny Scots who’ve got this installed the safer we’ll all be. If everybody has this on their phones the chances of a SECOND LOCKDOWN will be significantly reduced. It’s free and there’s no risk to your data or privacy."

User Johnbhoy15 wrote:

"Simple to download and easy to activate. To work effectively more downloads are required across Scotland. So what is there to lose - it'll save lives in the end! Do it!"

Google Play reviewer, Lauren x, wrote:

"So simple to set up. No details required, not even an email or mobile number. It's a case of keep your bluetooth on when you are out and if any who has tested positive passes you will be notified."

Christopher Robertson wrote:

"Doesn't collect personal info or location and it's all anonymous and encrypted, very privacy oriented. Incredibly Easy to set up. Download and help fight back against the virus, it could save a life and you'll lose nothing."

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However, not everyone is happy with the Protect Scotland app.

Clive Sinclair wrote: 

"Think about this... What's the point unless 100% of people have this app? I could be in a supermarket with 100 people. One person has Covid-19 in said Supermarket, but is the only one who does not have the app. That person infects several people, but they won't know where they caught it - because that one person didn’t have the app.”

Mike Music wrote:

"The app will only work on iPhone above v13 which makes it impossible for thousands of potential users to install. Very disappointed considering how important this is."

The app can be found on the app store here, and on Google Play here.