Union bosses have hit out against a "failure to implement" safety measures in Glasgow schools after a number of teachers tested positive for coronavirus in the past week.  

The Teachers' Union NASUWT claims employer practice is to blame as schools for failing to protect their employees. 

It comes after a "ridiculous number" of teachers and support staff have been sent home to self-isolate. 

A letter from education chiefs indicated that there had been evidence of adult-to-adult transmission, with physical distancing limited in staff rooms and meetings. 

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NASUWT general secretary Dr Patrick Roach said: "Claims that teachers are responsible for this rise in coronavirus cases, because they are failing to physically distance from each other, are misplaced and completely unfair."

A recent survey by the union revealed no teachers in Glasgow were able to say that pupils in school were always following physical distancing. 

Just 6% of teachers believed management were always reinforcing messages on the need for physical distancing. 

Dr Roach added: "This survey highlights the failure by employers in Glasgow to put in place adequate procedures to ensure COVID-safety in their schools.

“Significant numbers of teachers who work in Glasgow are reporting a widespread failure to implement the essential safety measures designed to control the spread of coronavirus in schools or colleges.

“With this alarming increase in coronavirus cases, employers and the Government must take urgent action to ensure they have robust protocols in place to check and review safety arrangements, and ensure that essential procedures are being followed by all pupils and staff.”

More than two-thirds of the surveyed teachers said access to PPE was inadequate, with almost a fifth stating they did not have access to soap and water to clean their hands.

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National official for the union in Scotland Jane Peckham said: "This rise in coronavirus cases is not the fault of teachers and other staff, who have been put in an untenable position with regard to the full reopening of schools.

“School and college employers must ensure that physical distancing, PPE and effective cleaning measures are implemented fully to protect teachers and their pupils from coronavirus.”