Ewan McGregor has shifted his support from No to Yes as he backed Scottish independence in a recent interview stating that “it’s time” for Scotland to break away from the UK.

He said: “I think Scotland has been voting for a government that they haven’t been given for years. We’re a very left voting country in Scotland and we’ve been under Conservative rule. I think probably enough is enough.”

“"Ewan McGregor has shifted his support from No to Yes. He's not the only one.”

Alastair Gordon, heraldscotland.com

“The Force is with the Yes movement with 55% now favouring independence.” 

Bernard Kilwinning, heraldscotland.com 

“I suppose if you are a multi-millionaire living in America it won't affect him very much .”

Neil Wishart, heraldscotland.com 

“Voting for Indy In an opinion poll, and voting for It In the privacy of polling booths, Is two different things for some people .” 

Derek Insterell, heraldscotland.com 

“When you've lost Obi-Wan Kenobi... #indyref2”

Euan MacDonald, Twitter.com 

“Have not most people in the U.K. shifted on this? Looks like the Union is over”

Mahbuba Chowdhury, Twitter.com 

“If there's one Jedi who can front the Rebellion, it's McGregor!”

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Stephen Sweeney, Twitter.com 

“From the comfort of Hollywood, Ewan McGregor will not be living with consequences of independence - didn't hear him mention the inevitable hard border that would be in the way of 65% of Scottish exports with his rejoin the EU idea.”

M Sutherland, heraldscotland.com 

“McGregor is entitled to his own opinion, but views on independence is a matter, in many cases, of your personal stake. Being a multi-millionaire actor with only, now, an emotional attachment to Scotland is far, far different from us that have to live, work, be educated in and be cared for in Scotland. He can literally afford to make an emotional decision without living with hardships of being wrong. “

George Rankin, heraldscotland.com 

“The key phrase here is: "speaking from his Los Angeles home".”

Derek Miller, heraldscotland.com 

Brexit plans 

Boris Johnson facing mounting criticism over his legislation overriding his Brexit deal, as leaders from across the political spectrum attacked the threat to break international law sparked much discussion. 

“By putting the safety and prosperity of the United Kingdom first and foremost, Boris should expect the support not only of Conservative and Unionist MPs but also of MPs from all parties, who should also have this country's interests at heart.” 

David Robertson, heraldscotland.com

“Since a Cabinet Secretary has stated that the proposals in the Bill would break International Law, can't The Speaker just declare the Bill unconstitutional and stop the whole thing in its tracks?”

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Alastair Gordon, heraldscotland.com 

“I think it is a naive attempt to put pressure on the EU, by a cabal with no moral compass. One way or another it will backfire on them, like their previous attempts at law-breaking.”

Michael Lloyd, heraldscotland.com