A UK Government minister has quit over the Internal Markets trade bill.

Rehman Chisti, the Prime Minister’s Special Envoy for Freedom of Religion or Belief, sent Boris Johnson his letter of resignation this morning.

He claims the bill will "unilaterally break the UK's legal commitments' and cannot support it.

The bill is due for debate in parliament this afternoon.


In his letter Mr Chisti wrote: " Like you, I am committed to delivering Brexit, having campaigned for it and as reflected by my voting record, which matches yours, since the 2016 referendum.
"I am a firm supporter of yours, having campaigned for you in the leadership contest... While you have my support as the leader of the Conservative Party, I cannot support the Internal Market Bill in its current form."

Mr Chisti quit under Theresa May as Vice Chairman of the Conservative Party and Trade Envoy to Pakistan over concerns about the Northern Ireland backstop in November 2018.

He continued: "Having read your letter to colleagues, as well as wider statements on the matter, I will not be able to support this Bill on a matter of principle. I have real concems with the UK unilaterally breaking its legal commitments under the Withdrawal Agreement.

"During my 10 years in Parliament and before that as a Barrister, I have always acted in a manner which respects the rule of law. I feel strongly about keeping the commitments we make; if we give our word, then we must honour it.

"Voting for this Bill as it currently stands would be contrary to the values, I hold dearest."