I KNOW it's been several months of whites and lights but here's one last look at Rose as our summer fades away.

One of my hobbies years ago was organising festivals, and rock concerts, so when Bon Jovi announced he was going into wine making, I had to take a closer look. Not only was the rock god going into wine, but he was doing it with one of my all-time favourite wine makers, Gerard Bertrand, the former French rugby union star in the Languedoc.

The result is Hampton Water Rose and it’s one of those wines so unusual that it’s ever so slightly addictive. The first thing that strikes you is that it has a glass stopper rather than a cork or screw top and the dimple in the bottom is moulded to allow you to make strawberry shapes in the sand! Totally useless but weird enough to be cute at the same time.

The real test for any winemaker, however, is to get the liquid right and thankfully Bon Jovi isn't Living on a Prayer with this one. Even I love it and I once described Rose wines as a crime against humanity. It’s fresh on the nose with a palate dominated by raspberries and melon slices. I was never really in the running to host a Bon Jovi gig so the Hampton water is as close as I’ll ever get but heck, It’s My Life!

Hampton Water Rose

Pale salmon in colour with soft but well defined red fruits on the palate. It’s dominated by crushed raspberries and slices of melon and there's a crisp hit of citrus on the finish. Easily one of the best Roses wines in the world.

Pop Wines, Glasgow £20

Marrenon Rosefine Mediterranean Rose

Presented in a striking bottle, this one has an enticing floral nose and delicate hints of wild strawberries on the palate. The finish is crisp and refreshing and it’s a cracking partner for the last salad of the summer.

Oddbins £11