THE body that represents rank and file police officers has threatened to withdraw from Scottish Labour conferences after a student group associated with the party branded all officers "b******s".

Scottish Labour Students retweeted a post about a trans pride demonstration in London amid claims it was cut short by the police. 

It added: “To be clear: ACAB”.

The acronym, which stands for All Cops Are B******s, has a history stretching back decades and is often associated with protests about police brutality. 

After the Scottish Sun approached the Labour student group about the tweet, it posted: "We've been contacted by the Scottish Sun regarding this tweet. 

"We don't give quotes to any edition of the Sun, a paper with a history of scapegoating people of colour. 

"We stand by our members and won't allow them to be singled out and harassed."

However it later apologised, posting: "We have deleted a prior tweet as it snowballed to itself becoming the story.

"Its original point was to show support for London Trans Pride attendees in the face of police shutting down the event.

"We are sorry our clumsy use of language obscured the real issue and apologise to our trans comrades who have our support now and always."

A Scottish Labour spokesman said of the ACAB tweet: “Obviously this does not reflect the view of Scottish Labour or [its leader] Richard Leonard.”

A source said Scottish Labour Students, which identifies itself as the student wing of Scottish Labour, has not been an affiliated group since last year.

The Scottish Police Federation called on Mr Leonard to condemn the ACAB tweet.

General secretary Calum Steele told The Sun: “I am sure the thousands of officers, who place their lives on the line every single day, and their families and friends will consider the reaction of the Scottish Labour Party to this outrage when they come to casting their ballot next year.

“Student politics is hardly renowned for its maturity or tolerance but even this plumbs new depth.

“Ordinarily the SPF would not give this pathetic display any oxygen but that ship has sailed.

“If the Scottish Labour Party is pinning its hopes of resurgence on its student contingent, it might be better placed to direct its efforts elsewhere.”

He later tweeted: "Following the failure of [Richard Leonard] to unequivocally condemn the hateful bile from Scottish Labour Students this evening I will be writing to him tomorrow advising the SPF will consider ceasing attendance at future Scottish Labour Party conferences.

"It will of course be a decision for our national committee but I would be astonished if they would endorse that a penny of members funds could be directed towards a party that continues to tolerate this."

SNP Justice Secretary Humza Yousaf called the ACAB tweet "disgraceful". 

He wrote on Twitter: "Our Officers are on the front line keeping us safe - esp during the global pandemic. 

"When we run away from danger they run towards it, for no other reason but to keep us safe.

"Every right minded person should condemn @ScotLabStudents for their shameful tweet."