A top philospher has claimed Scotland should declare unilateral independence following the latest Brexit trade bill chaos. 

Academic Anthony Grayling, who goes by AC Grayling, suggested Scotland follow in the footsteps of Rhodesia and Crimea in invoking a unilteral declaration of indepence (UDI).

He said the country was suffering the "constitutional equivalent" of grevious bodily harm (GHB), tweeting: "Time for Scotland to declare UDI. It is suffering the constitutional equivalent of GBH (actually, worse) by a gang of particularly nasty outlaw thugs aka the UK 'government." 

A UDI is when a country declares itself independent without having agreement of the ruling state, and was used by Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe, to separate from the UK in 1965. 

Crimea passed a UDI in 2014, while Kosovo passed a unilateral declaration of independence from Serbia in February 2008.

Mr Grayling made the comments on social media following last night's vote on the internal markets bill, which passed with a majority of 77 MPs. 

It has caused chaos within tghe UK, with devolved governments claiming it an an assualt on devolution and an attempt to snatch power from Holyrood and the Welsh government.

The European Union has also called on the UK Government to remove any elements of the bill which will break international law, by the end of this month. 

Mike Russell, Scottish Government secretary on the constitution, told MPs this morning that devolution had been "poisoned" and the relationship between the UK and Scottish Governments had "significantly deteriorated" under Boris Johnson's prime ministership.