A nuclear warhead convoy estimated to be carrying six Trident weapons travelled through the "middle" of Glasgow this morning on its journey to England. 

Nukewatch UK told the Glasgow Times that they estimate there to be four carriers accompanied by 26 vehicles to transport a total six nuclear Trident warheads. 

The Nukewatchers believe the convoy is making its way to the Atomic Weapons Establishment Burghfield close to Reading after leaving RNAD Coulport in Helensburgh.


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The journey saw the fleet pass through the M8 after taking the A82 - passing through Balloch, Alexandria and Stirling. 

Nukewatcher Nigel Day said: "The convoy had to travel from Coulport early this morning and go through the A82 then onto Alexandria and Balloch. 

"The carriers would then have travelled through the middle of Glasgow and then onto the Edinburgh Bypass before making its way down south to the Atomic Weapons Establishment Burghfield in Reading.

"Colleagues estimate the convoy to be carrying at least six Trident warheads. We believe one truck to be empty in case of any breakdown on the journey."


Nukewatch UK believe the weapons are being transported back to England for repairs and refurbishment where they will then be returned to RNAD Coulport.

It is believed the journey is made six times every year in order for the warheads to be refurbished.