BORIS Johnson was unable to confirm whether one of his ministers was still in post, hours after he tendered his resignation.

Lord Keen, the Advocate General for Scotland, handed his notice to the Prime Minister this morning after he told the house of lords the Internal Markets Bill did not break international law.

His comments directly contradicted Northern Ireland Minister Brandon Lewis, who said the bill would rbeak the law in a "specific and limited way". 

He faced calls to resign, with peers accusing him of misleading the House.

Lord Keen said he had not heard from the Prime Minister since he handed his notice in.

The Prime Minister appeared at the Westminster Liaison Committee this afternoon and was asked directly by Hilary Benn, Labour MP, if Lord Keen was still in post.

Mr Johnson said: "Conversations on that matter are still continuing."

Angus Macneil, SNP MP, later asked the Prime Minister who he would find to replace Lord Keen.

He said: "You're accused of intending to break international law.

"The advocate general for Scotland has resigned. Can your government find someone else who is not quite sharing his honour or principals to take the job? Have you anybody in mind? "  

Mr Johnson replied: "I can't comment on that matter because as I understand it is still continuing."