Object Lessons: Exit by Laura Waddell was published by Bloomsbury Academic and is sold at £7.21

What is the book about?

Exit is the latest in a vast series by various authors known as Object Lessons in which each book takes one object that could seem simple and examine angles from which to look at it. Reading Exit was my first experience with this series and I’ve come to the conclusion that it won’t be the last with ideas that on their own could be considered completely separate to each other that are combined under their common theme of exits, each section begins to flow as though they were all meant for each other from the beginning.

Who is it aimed at?

I would not be able to recommend this to one group in particular as the ideas it explores are so wide they could be of interest to a lot of people, It would though, be easier to understand for those perhaps older than fourteen.

What was your favourite part?

What stood out to me most about this book, with any work of non-fiction is the balance struck between laying out the facts and ideas to be presented and the unique style of the writer which could have been lost. This is not the case with exit where Waddell adds a personal touch that ties everything about the series of thoughts together

What was your least favourite part?

As it’s a shorter book which in many ways certainly enhances the experience, it can also feel a little as a loss moving on between so many connected thoughts so quickly when you become particularly interested in one.

Which character would you most like to meet?

Where there are no written main or side characters of such in a book of theory such as this one, the majority of my interest is with the author, Laura Waddell and the research and writing process of this.

Why should someone buy this book?

This was the perfect book, with the perfect explanation of ideas to introduce me and hopefully others to Object Lessons