The BBC have announced that they will continue to show daily coronavirus briefings in Scotland.

In a statement, they said: "with the pandemic still a major cause for public concern, we will, over the coming weeks and as we have done this week, look to cover the ScotGov health briefings live on TV".

Bosses at Pacific Quay said the decision was taken to ensure a “consistent approach to coverage of the various government briefings across the UK nations”

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Last week the BBC said it would continue to stream the briefings online but would only show them live on TV based on their "news values". However, the 'u-turn of sorts' was met with significant comment online. 

One social media user wrote: "Ludicrous decision. We live in a parliamentary, not a presidential, democracy. A health professional should deliver. The head of government should have more to do each day than this and she should answer to parliament, not journalists."

George McDonald wrote on the HeraldScotland website: "The right decision in current circumstances - normal politics should be put aside while pandemic remains a threat to public health across Scotland. No one has lobbied BBC to have UK government pandemic messaging censored or restricted - nor should they."

Susan C wrote on the site: "Finally a sensible outcome. This is a health briefing and is particularly important to the elderly who have difficulty getting access to the internet."

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One Twitter user wrote: "Probably the only broadcaster in the whole world giving an hour-long daily platform to a political party." Another added: "It’s disgusting this was taken off the air ! How are people meant to keep up to date with what is happening? Not everyone has iPads, iPhones etc"

Michael Thomson wrote on HeraldScotland: "With the distinct possibility that the virus will run for another year or longer can we expect that Mrs Sturgeon will be daily broadcasting until the day everyone who wishes to be vaccinated will be vaccinated if there is ever a vaccine of course. Just a thought but will anyone be listening by then."

Some names have not been included on social media due to their username.