The BBC has released a statement following their decision to broadcast Nicola Sturgeon's Covid-19 briefings next week. 

The organisation will continue to broadcast briefings next week amid the growing number of coronavirus cases but have stressed that this does not mean they will automatically cover all of the future briefings. 

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A statement from the corporation read: “Whilst there continue to be major developments in the pandemic in Scotland, we will, over the coming weeks and as we have done this week, look to cover the Scottish Government health briefings live on TV. There are clearly strong editorial reasons for continuing to do so at the moment.

"The live TV coverage will be in addition to the significant amount of coverage we continue to offer our viewers and listeners in TV news bulletins, on radio, live online and on the BBC News Channel.

"As we said last week, such decisions will always be made on the basis of editorial judgement and listening to our audiences. We will always take full account of how the pandemic continues to evolve to inform that judgement.

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"Our coverage of Coronavirus and public health issues in Scotland will continue to incorporate a range of voices and perspectives, and this will be further enhanced as part of our ongoing coverage of the Scottish Government briefings.

"We will incorporate other voices and other perspectives into the briefings, bringing news and views from around Scotland and beyond, involving politicians from across the political spectrum, as well as commentators, analysts and other experts. We remain committed to having this broad coverage of voices and perspectives across all our news outlets on television, radio and online.”