NICOLA Sturgeon has announced "tough" new coronavirus restrictions in Scotland to stop the rising number of cases "spiralling out of control".

The First Minister said pubs, bars and restaurants will be required to close at 10pm from Friday, while Scots will be banned from visiting other people's homes.

It comes after Boris Johnson announced similar measures for the hospitality industry in England. 

However Ms Sturgeon's announcement on households goes further than the Prime Minister.

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She asked Scots to follow the new household rules from tomorrow, with regulations due to come into force on Friday.

The move extends measures already in place in the west of Scotland to the whole country.

However Scots will still be allowed to meet one other household, in groups no larger than six, outdoors and in public indoor places such as bars and restaurants.

Elsewhere, Scots have been advised against car sharing with people outside their household.

They have also been asked not to book travel overseas for the October break if it is not essential.

Ms Sturgeon said she is "acutely aware" the new restrictions will not be welcome.

She added: "But in our judgment they are absolutely essential.

"Inevitably, some will think they go too far and others that they don’t go far enough.

"But we have tried to get the balance right - and to act urgently and in a substantial and preventative way now to try to get the situation under control quickly."

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She said she could not rule out the need to introduce more restrictions - nationally or locally - in the weeks to come.

She also warned the hospitality trade that further restrictions, including possible closure, will be unavoidable if the rules on hygiene, face coverings, table service, maximum numbers in groups, and the distance between them are not fully complied with.

She said ministers will be working with councils to "strengthen inspection and enforcement in indoor public places and enforcement action, including closure if necessary, will be taken against shops, pubs, restaurants or other premises that do not ensure compliance".

Ms Sturgeon said the Scottish Government is determined to keep schools open, restart as many NHS services as possible and protect jobs and livelihoods. 

She said those who can work from home should do so. 

Elsewhere, she said a package of support will be introduced for those asked to self-isolate, including financial support of £500 for those on low incomes.

There will be exceptions to the new household rules for those living alone, or alone with children, who form extended households; for couples who do not live together; for the provision of informal childcare by, for example, grandparents; and for tradespeople.

Outdoors, children under 12 will be exempted from the limit of six and the limit of two households. There will be no limits on the ability of children under 12 to play together outdoors.

Young people aged 12 to 18 will be exempt from the two household limit outdoors, although they should still gather in groups no larger than six. 

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Ms Sturgeon said data shows a high proportion of new cases "come from social interactions between different households in our homes".

She said: "Faced with a global pandemic of an infectious and dangerous virus, it is not possible to do everything and to live our lives completely normally.

"No country is able to do that just now.

"So instead we have to decide what matters most and make trade-offs elsewhere to make those things possible."

She added: "The measures I am announcing today are tough - I will not pretend otherwise - but they do not represent a full scale lockdown of the kind imposed in March.

"Indeed, today’s measures are an attempt to avoid another lockdown."

Ms Sturgeon said there have been 383 new coronavirus cases in the last 24 hours, representing 7.6 per cent of newly tested individuals. 

There were 181 new cases in Greater Glasgow and Clyde alone.

The First Minister said 73 people are in hospital, 10 of whom are in intensive care.

One person has died after testing positive for Covid-19 in the last 24 hours.

Ms Sturgeon said the latest figures show the course the virus has taken in recent weeks. 

She said: "In mid July, we were recording an average of nine new cases a day.

"Around four weeks later, that had risen to an average of 52 cases a day. Three weeks after that, it was 102. Today it is 285."

She said the growth in cases is from a low base but is rising "faster than we can be comfortable with", adding: "We cannot let it continue unchecked."

Stricter lockdown rules, timed to coincide with the October school break, and during which Scots would be given much more comprehensive advice to stay at home, are actively being kept under review, she said.

Elsewhere, Ms Sturgeon addressed talk that restrictions could last for six months. 

She said: "It is certainly the case, until scientific developments such as a vaccine change the game in the battle against Covid, it will have an impact on our lives.

"But that doesn’t necessarily mean that all of the new restrictions I am announcing today will be in place for six months.

"By acting early and substantially, our hope is that these new measures will be in place for a shorter period than would be the case if we waited longer to act.

"In the first instance, we will review them in three weeks - although given the nature of this virus, they may be needed for longer than that."

The First Minister urged Scots to make a "conscious and renewed effort" to follow coronavirus advice, such as by wearing face masks and keeping a two metre distance from others.