A GLASGOW Jet2 flight had to be diverted to England to remove a passenger.

The airline said the journey to Bodrum, Turkey The airline confirmed that the journey to Bodrum, Turkey, had to be diverted to Manchester because of a disruptive traveller.

Police were called to the Manchester Airport as the passenger was taken off the plane.

Jet2 which condemned the customer's behaviour said they they would take further action and thanked police and crew for their work in dealing with the situation.

"Our Glasgow to Bodrum flight diverted to Manchester Airport on 21st September because of the aggressive behaviour of a disruptive passenger," said a spokesman.

"We would like to thank our highly-trained crew, as well as the Greater Manchester Police who offloaded the passenger, for their handling of this situation.

“As a family-friendly airline, we will not tolerate this type of behaviour. Customers travelling for their well-deserved holidays, as well as hard-working colleagues doing their jobs, should not be subjected to this behaviour under any circumstances.

"We will be taking action to ensure that the individual responsible is held accountable for their actions, whilst fully supporting the authorities with their investigations.”