If you turn your eyes to the skies and seas in the next few weeks, you may notice more action than usual.

Scotland is hosting Joint Warrior, one of the largest military exercise of its kind in Europe, throughout October - and it will see almost 100 aircraft and dozens of ships across the country.

Eleven nations are to take part in the exercise between October 4-15.

Around 28 warships, two submarines, 81 aircraft and more than 6000 military personnel attend military ranges across the country, and to maritime exercise areas off the East, West and North Coasts of Scotland.


But you will not have to wait until October to see some of the action - ships will begin to arrive in Scotland from September 30, with eight frigates from Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France and Portugal docking at King George V Docks in Glasgow between September 30 and October 4.

Aircraft will be spotted in the north at RAF Lossiemouth, the west at Prestwick Airport and also at Stornoway Airport.

The exact route of the planes is not yet known, but it is thought they'll be travelling across the entirety of Scotland.

HeraldScotland: Two squadrons of F-35B stealth jets aboard the Royal Navy carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth

HMS Queen Elizabeth, one of the largest warships ever built for the Royal Navy, is currently en route to Scotland, where she'll be joined by two squadrons of F-35B stealth jets, the RAF’s 617 Squadron (The Dambusters) and the US Marines Corps VMFA-211 (The Wake Island Avengers).

They will be participating in fights and exercises above the North Sea. 

According to the Royal Air Force, 35B Lightning Jets from the Royal Air Force and United States Marine Corps (USMC) will be operating off the west coast of Scotland.