Police were called out to break up parties and gatherings at the University of Edinburgh's main students halls of residence.

Police officers spoke to "a number of the parties" on Friday night at Pollock Halls of Residence after "informants" raised concerns over lockdown breaches.

The student halls, which houses approximately 1,900 students, had a number of small parties broken up with people who were "clearly not from the same household".

It is understood that at least one of the blocks at the halls has been put into "lockdown" following a confirmed case of Covid-19.

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Nicola Sturgeon announced this week that as of Friday 25 September households in Scotland will be banned from visiting other houses.

Students in Scotland were also asked by the First Minister not to attend pubs or restaurants this weekend in a bid to story the spread of the virus.


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Speaking to BBC Scotland, Inspector David Hughes said:

"Police Scotland attended and we've spoken to a number of the parties and dispersed those individuals. [Officers] provided education and advice as to what is and what isn't in line with current regulations.

"From a police perspective, we've been relatively well received there. We have had some people who were unhappy with the regulations - but more the laws that are in force currently rather than the police response."

Inspector David Hughes added: "It must feel strange to people of that age and you can understand their frustrations in relation to the current regulations but overall the reason that that's there is to protect the health of the United Kingdom."

Deputy Chief Constable Will Kerr said: "It was a generally good night and the vast majority of people complied with regulations and thank you for that."

No arrests were made and no fines were issued.

One first-year student at Pollock Halls told the BBC there was a "pretty weird vibe" around the university.

"There's always police here now. It feels like we're being watched 24-7 which is a bit scary," she said.

"My friend's in Holland House and she said that the whole of the Holland House blocks had been locked down and there's been people patrolling to make sure that no-one's leaving."

Another first year said dozens of students were heading home rather than self-isolating in the halls.

"It's so strict. You can literally see a group of six people and you have to pre-book everything," she said.

"So there's just no point in being at uni and we're paying through the roof as well."

A University of Edinburgh spokesperson said: “Police attended a small number of gatherings at Pollock Halls.

“We continue to support our students and to monitor the situation, keeping our students and staff informed as appropriate, and following all Scottish Government guidance.

"We are providing care and support - including mental health support - to those self-isolating both in University-owned and private accommodation.”