The University of Glasgow has been praised for the latest spate of measures put in place to support self-isolating students amidst coronavirus outbreaks in halls of residence. 

A series of measures to help students forbidden from leaving their student flats include a four-week rent rebate "in recognition of the difficult circumstances" they face.

And the announcement has been met with praise from students, parents and The National Union of Students Scotland (NUSS) - with President Matt Crilly suggesting all universities and providers of student accommodation should follow suit. 

Matt Crilly, NUS Scotland President, said:

“Students in halls need support and clear leadership from their universities.

"It’s only right that every institution follows the lead of Glasgow and offers rent rebates to students affected by Covid-19, as well as practical support to all who need it.

“Going forward students in halls need a choice.

For those who want to stay in halls, they need excellent support from their institutions at this difficult time.

"For those who’ve decided halls are not for them, they deserve the option of returning home, with a full rent refund, with the ability to carry out their studies online where possible.

"For that to happen we need to see institutions provide remote learning as a default, except for practice-based and lab-based courses, where it is not possible.”

Eileen Watt, from Fife, dropped her 17-year-old daughter off at her new student flat at Murano Street Student Village on Friday.

Before long, her daughter had tested positive for coronavirus and was forced to self-isolate.

According to Mrs Watt, her daughter had felt pressure to move into the tenancy despite the fact classes would be online.

However, the positive action announced this afternoon by the university will alleviate some of Mrs Watt's concerns.

She said: "I certainly feel a lot better that my daughter and the rest of the students will hopefully now be more comfortable and hopefully have access to necessities.

"It alleviates some of the worry to know that they are taking their health and wellbeing into consideration.

"If they get the access to what has been promised in the email then I feel that efforts have been made."

Supporters of the move have also taken to social media to praise the University's announcement.

One Twitter user said: "Hats off to you. It might not be 'world beating' but I hope it's nationwide leading."

Another added: "Credit where it's due, this is a really good response."

A third said: "My daughter has just started first year and at Murano Street. After a difficult week, this is very much appreciated. Thank you for restoring our faith!"